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Training Recommendations

In the light of the many recent reports and recommendations emphasising the importance of adequate training within the care setting it is essential that each care organisation commits itself to improving and maintaining the standard of care it provides. Provision of training for its staff should be standard practice. The field experience, up to date research evidence & clinical findings that a qualified & professional body can provide is a key element in this process. Mind Consultancy can provide this service, catering specifically for your organisation, meeting all training needs and providing ongoing support enabling all to perform better and feel more confident about themselves and their working environment. Care staff need to feel important and valued, as they are your frontline of care.

Strategies to promote safe behaviour as part of a health and safety management system – (The Keil Centre for the Health and Safety Executive)
Occupational therapy and physical activity interventions to promote the mental wellbeing of older people in primary care and residential care. - Fieldwork report, March 2008 (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence)
RNHA calls for better resourcing of dementia training to tackle one of the greatest resources to society
(The Registered Nursing Home Association News Release- Issued 12th February 2008)
Mental wellbeing and older people Quick reference guide
, Issue date: October 2008 (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence)
Enhanced specialist mental health support for nursing homes should help improve dementia care
, says RNHA. (The Registered Nursing Home Association News Release- Issued 4th February 2009)

Looking for Funding for Training?  
If your company lack skills in a particular area, or if you wish to develop your own skills as a sole trader, then why not apply for the GO Wales Graduate Training and Development fund? See further details at  or follow the link on the logo below.

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